Artist website design 

Artist Website Design Challenges

Our website designers for artists will do in-depth industry research to find out what type of layout does well for the potential visitors. Artist website designs are quite complex because you need to outline the artist as well as their work without overwhelming the structure.

We listen to what the artist wants and collaborate it with our findings that guaranteeing conversations and results!

Our Website Designers For Artists Find the Best UI/UX

After developing the color pallet and branding for the client, it becomes easier to understand what the client really wants as far as layout goes.

We know that it was a big deal for this artist to have a unique and converting layout. Our website designers for artists wanted to build something that has Memphis style combined with a brutalist and simple layout. Therefore we decided to build a custom WordPress design with those elements.

Pxel7 media always thrive to be innovative and creative with our website design projects.


website designers for artists


The client requested to have vibrant colors and it was the best way to go about this project. 


Since it was about promoting the artist and his work, we had to make sure that the client’s work doesn’t compete with the artist but still stand out. 

Our website designers for artists had to come up with a minimalistic look but be bold at the same time. 


We decided to go with wordpress CMS for this website design because of its flexibility and speed. After getting amazing feedback from our client on the mockup we knew our team is on the right path.

Our website designers for artists thought that using a good amount of white space was crucial for this project. Overall, the finished product surpassed our expectations and the client is very happy with the end results. 

That’s what we call a GREAT day at Pxel7 Media. 

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