website management services

Website management services will bring your website to the next level. Let the professional team take care of your website needs.



Website Management Services $299 A month!

Your dedicated website specialists will handle all your needs and make sure your website performs the best. Don’t matter If you are utilizing WordPress woocommerce or Shopify.

Pxel7 can manage and update your site monthly and daily basis while you focus on your business. Whether you have a custom WordPress design or e-commerce store, we are experts on all types of websites and platforms.

$299 Package Includes?

Components that are included in your monthly website management package. But there is more!

  • 3 Hours Web Development
  • SEO Optimization
  • Website Security
  • Updating & Cleaning
website management services

Website Management Services Do It All

Whether you have a e-commerce or business website, the Pxel7 team will keep your website updated, cleaned, and optimized for better and efficient website performance. If websites are not being managed, they can build up updates, cache, and other elements that can break or make your website run super slow.

Maximum Performance With SEO

Our team will make sure your business or E-commerce SEO components are in great shape as well as your plugins. These days, any website can have up to 20 plugins, which are like apps on your phone. If they don’t get updated, they stop working. Your site also builds a cache that can decrease your overall website speed. therefore you might see a decline in your search engine rankings.

For most eCommerce stores your website’s speed is vital! You can lose 78% of your sales and traffic. Most of the time you can not bring them back.  

ecommerce web design services

What Else Do I Get?

You get all the standard components in our website management services. But on top of that, you will also get the list of functionalities below.

custom wordpress design

Mobile Responsiveness

custom wordpress design

Comment Cleaning

custom wordpress design

Speed Optimization

custom wordpress design

Photos Compress

custom wordpress design

Video Optimization

custom wordpress design

Spam User Cleaning

custom wordpress design

Performace Analytics

custom wordpress design

Site Security



We will schedule a free consultation to understand your website needs.

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Website Access

We access your website for a detailed look and analysis. At this phase, we also implement any changes to your website design and layout. Every month you get 3 hours of web development from us. 


Schedule Managment

Website management services kick in and schedule time for your site to be updated,  optimized, and cleaned every month.


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Developer Time

At this phase, your dedicated developer will access the backend of your website and start updating, cleaning, and optimizing the components of your site.


Reporting On Delivery

Our team will send you a performance report showing what we have done so far and how it benefits your website.

What do our clients say about us?

We have a clothing line and want to have ecommerce store due to what’s going on with the world, so decided to hire Pxel7 and I can tell you it was the best decision we ever made! Our store sells crazy and works without any issues! Thanks y’all.

Melinda Huerta

Found these guys online and I knew right away they are the ones who can do our organic soap store. We had a call with them which was super constructive and educative. Pxel7 team designed an ecommerce website that we can only dream of. Thank you Pxel7.

Lexi Martone

My wife and I wanted to sell our paintings online and got a recommendation from a friend to use Pxel7. They developed a beautiful art-related website for us. In our first year, we hit our goals with sales and have been selling nonstop. These guys are experts and will do a great job!

Ray Hutchinson

Website Management Services For Only $299

Our $299 package covers all your website needs. You don’t need to purchase any extra add-ons for your site.

If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.

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