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What Are Website Management Services?

Website Management Services help you to maintain and improve your website performance and security. This process includes updating the website core, and plugins while maintaining certain components for better security and page speed.

These days, most websites require monthly maintenance to keep everything up to date and prevent harmful elements from causing issues. Sometimes website issues can be caused by plugin conflicts which will result in a white/dead screen when a visitor tries to load your site. Therefore, it is always important to get a Custom WordPress Design to eliminate unnecessary plugins and codes.

Website Management Services

Website Management Services $299 A month!

Website management services are designed to reduce our customers’ stress while increasing their ability to focus on their core business functions. If you have a website but are thinking about how to manage it and make it more efficient then our website Management Services will be just the right choice for you.

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$299 Package Includes?

Your dedicated website specialists will handle all your needs and make sure your website performs the best. Don’t matter If you are utilizing WordPress woocommerce or Shopify.

Components that are included in your monthly website management package. But there is more!


3 Hours Web Development

Get necessary website content changes done by a professional developer.

On-page SEO Optimization

We update the meta title and description up to 4 pages on your website.

Basic Website Security

Hiding the admin url and installing a choice of web secrity plugin. 

Website Updating & Cleaning

We clean the cache, update plugins, and the core, and check for issues.

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Website management services
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Improve Your Website With Website Management Services

Your website is the cornerstone of your brand and should be carefully managed to stay current, relevant, and found by prospective customers. With a full-service web management plan, we will manage your site's content and images, technical upgrades, and SEO optimization, and keep it running smoothly so you can take advantage of all its capabilities.

Pxel7 can manage and update your site monthly and daily basis while you focus on your business. Whether you have a business site or custom ecommerce store, we are experts on all types of websites and platforms.

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Maximum Performance With SEO

Our team will make sure your business or E-commerce SEO components are in great shape as well as your plugins. These days, any website can have up to 20 plugins. Most of the time they cause issues within your site if they don't get updated. Which will decrease your overall website speed, and health while affecting your local SEO score.

For most eCommerce stores your website’s speed is vital! You can lose 78% of your sales and traffic. 

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  • I think Pxel7 is the best local marketing company in Austin! They did an incredible job with my website and SEO we have been getting 20x more leads than last year. Their team super intelligent and very experienced with growing local small businesses. I appreciate all the work they've been doing so far! Thanks

    Jeremy Alaron

  • Pxel7 Media web team really knows what they are doing. They take customer needs to another level. Their response time is on point. Thank you guys for your service

    Petra Lugo

  • Working with pxel7 was amazing! They came highly recommended and they delivered 10 fold. We had no idea what kind of website we wanted for our business. We talked to pxel7 and they listened to our ideas and turned it into an amazing website. They are professional, quick to respond to questions, great to work with and always has your best interest. I highly recommend using pxel7 media!!!!

    Michael Mukuno

  • Best marketing agency in Austin! We have a local service business and have been struggling to bring customers after we hired pxel7 for their wordpress web design services and SEO marketing our sales and phone calls went through the roof I would highly recommend these guys if you are looking a marketing agency that will laser focus on your company and wont treat you like a ATM machine! This is the digital marketing agency! Thanks Pxel7 team.

    Francis CL

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