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WordPress SEO Services

Amazing WordPress SEO Services: But What is WordPress SEO?

WordPress SEO services refer to the process of optimizing an ecommerce or business website or blog built on the WordPress platform for search engines. The process includes on-page, off-page, and technical SEO for 100% optimization. The goal of WordPress SEO services is to increase the visibility and ranking of a website on search engine results pages (SERPs), which can drive more organic traffic. Therefore, this SEO approach will improve overall sales, traffic, leads, and brand awareness.

In other words, WordPress SEO is a specifically crafted optimization method that utilizes WordPress components to get higher rankings on search engines such as Google, Bing, and others. Keep in mind, WordPress SEO services are as crucial as local SEO services especially if you have a business that you want to scale nationwide.

Dominate Your Niche with Our Professional Wordpress SEO Services

Are you an ecommerce or small business that is looking to increase your visibility, and boost traffic and sales? If so, WordPress SEO services may be the perfect solution for you.

WordPress SEO services are designed to help businesses of all sizes optimize their websites for search engines. This includes optimizing content, images, and videos on your website as well as making sure the code behind it is optimized accordingly for better page indexing by search engines like Google. By following these steps, your website will be easily discovered when someone searches using relevant keywords related to what you offer. Additionally, these services can also include link-building strategies which can help improve domain and page authority and overall rankings in SERPs. Especially, if you pair SEO with Custom WordPress Design, you will see faster and better results in the long run! 

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WordPress SEO Services
WordPress SEO Services
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Unlock Your Website's Full Potential with Our Wordpress SEO Services

With a comprehensive WordPress SEO strategy in place from a reputable agency such as ours at Pxel7, we’ll work with you every step of the way towards achieving greater online visibility while boosting traffic and sales through an in-depth process such as keyword research, backlink building, content creation, blog posts, optimization, meta tags implementation, and sitemap development. Our team has vast experience working with clients across many industries - ranging from online stores to small local businesses - helping them reach new heights online! We understand how important it is that our clients succeed within their respective markets so we take great care in delivering quality results quickly yet efficiently without sacrificing quality or customer service along the way!

Finally - having implemented all necessary changes - ongoing monitoring should occur regularly through analytics tracking software such as Google Analytics and semrush; this helps measure performance over time & allows any further optimization opportunities identified and completed quickly!

Whether you have a business or custom ecommerce store WordPress SEO services can bring amazing results while helping you build a brand. So if increasing visibility while boosting traffic & sales sounds like something worth exploring further then contact us today!

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Drive More Sales and Leads with Our Result-Driven Wordpress SEO Approach

If you're looking to grow your ecommerce store's sales and traffic, Wordpress SEO services can be a great help. Did you know that 38% of customers search for product images online before they buy?  With the correct ecommerce strategy, you can start to see a drastic increase in organic search and image rankings for related keywords for your business. This will lead more customers directly to your online store and help drive revenue significantly while increasing conversion rates and ROI. 

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WordPress SEO Services
WordPress SEO Services
WordPress SEO Services

Our Professional Wordpress SEO Services Make it Possible For Your Small Business

Are you a small business owner looking to take your website to the next level? Look no further than our WordPress SEO services! Our team of experts can help you create an effective SEO strategy that will make sure your site is seen by as many people as possible. With our specialized tools and techniques, we'll ensure that your content is optimized for search engine visibility and reach more potential customers. Investing in WordPress SEO services from us will be the best decision you ever make for your small business!

WordPress SEO Services

Important SEO Ranking Factors You Need to Know

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Content optimization: This involves creating high-quality, relevant, and engaging content that includes targeted keywords and phrases that users are searching for.

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On-page optimization: This includes optimizing the website's meta titles, descriptions, headers, and other on-page elements.

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Technical optimization: This involves ensuring that the website is technically sound, with SSL, page loading, and mobile-first to ensure better crawling and indexing.

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Backlink building: This involves building high-quality links from other websites to your WordPress website, which can improve its authority and relevance in the eyes of search engines.

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User Experience: In this process, the site has to be optimized for people to stick around for a while taking action on your page, which tells Google your content is relevant and satisfying.

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Linking: site content and silo should be linked with internal links and also have external links tied to anchor texts within the content. This helps google to achieve higher indexing. 
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End To End SEO Solution

You don't have to touch a thing! The Pxel7 team takes care of the full SEO work so you can focus on your business and watch it grow...

Whats Included?

Our SEO strategy strictly follows White Hat Techniques in order to keep Google guidelines for safe and secure SEO work. We perform deep keyword and competitor research + run website and SEO audits to analyze data, and website structure to build a solid campaign.

All links are manual backlinks ( not auto-generated!) and built from Domain Authority websites scoring between 50 and 70.

These backlinks are a good mixture of Dofollow & Nofollow with a Rapid indexing rate of 85% and a great anchor text ratio. We also partner up with certain magazines and companies to feature our clients in their articles and news. Our team will also manage your NAP to ensure 100%  accurate information for Google.

Backlink Types

We do not build 1000 spam and toxic backlinks that can harm rankings, and site health or cause penalties from google!
Depending on the package, you will get website management services and the following backlink types:
Web 2.0 Backlinks
PDF Backlinks
Forum Backlinks
Blog comments
Profile Backlinks
Guest Post
Pillow links
Editorial backlinks



GMB management
Post updates
Monthly report



30 Backlinks
GMB management
On-page SEO
On-page Optim.
Local schema
Google analytics



80 Backlinks
GMB management
Guest post
On-page SEO
On-page Optim.
Technical SEO
Local schema
3-page new content
Google analytics
Google console
Website care
50 Local citations



100-160 Backlinks
GMB management
2 Guest posts
Monthly Blog Post
On-page SEO
On-page Optim.
Technical SEO
Local schema
8-page new content
Google analytics
Google console
Website care
150 Local citations

Frequently asked questions

If you still have questions about our SEO packages, link building, and pricing, please head over to the Affordable Seo Packages page to get more information.

I am not sure what package should I pick for my business can you guide me?

Yes, we'd love to assist you. If you are not sure of what package to pick, you can take advantage of our Free Consultation to find out exactly what your business needs.

What is the difference between on-page, off-page, and technical SEO?

Off-page is to build authority for your website by getting link juice and on-page SEO is optimizing your website for visitors and search engines. However, technical SEO is about your site's structure for faster, easier search engine crawling.

Can you help me with ecommerce website SEO?

Absolutely we can, our team can increase organic sales and traffic for your store.

Why is SEO important for small businesses?

85% of the business inquiries are done on google, and if your business is showing up on search results which means it will display your company to those who are ready to buy your products or services.

Can you do SEO without a website?

No, without a website search engines can not find and display your site to your possible customers. 

What industries can you provide SEO work in?

We help all types of industries and business sizes. Our team has 15+ years of experience in many business types from a small local store to large corporations. 
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  • I think Pxel7 is the best local marketing company in Austin! They did an incredible job with my website and SEO we have been getting 20x more leads than last year. Their team super intelligent and very experienced with growing local small businesses. I appreciate all the work they've been doing so far! Thanks

    Jeremy Alaron

  • Pxel7 Media web team really knows what they are doing. They take customer needs to another level. Their response time is on point. Thank you guys for your service

    Petra Lugo

  • Working with pxel7 was amazing! They came highly recommended and they delivered 10 fold. We had no idea what kind of website we wanted for our business. We talked to pxel7 and they listened to our ideas and turned it into an amazing website. They are professional, quick to respond to questions, great to work with and always has your best interest. I highly recommend using pxel7 media!!!!

    Michael Mukuno

  • Best marketing agency in Austin! We have a local service business and have been struggling to bring customers after we hired pxel7 for their wordpress web design services and SEO marketing our sales and phone calls went through the roof I would highly recommend these guys if you are looking a marketing agency that will laser focus on your company and wont treat you like a ATM machine! This is the digital marketing agency! Thanks Pxel7 team.

    Francis CL

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