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What Is Custom Ecommerce Development?

Custom Ecommerce Development is a unique approach to building an ecommerce store. One of the main components is to understand the client's niche and targeted demographics. This knowledge will be used to develop a specific layout, color pallet, content, and UI/UX structure. Basically, embracing the important facts about ecommerce web design will provide long-term solutions for your business. 

Having a beautiful design without the correct user interface and conversion-based layout may not produce results! Therefore, it is imperative to hire a professional and expert local marketing company like Pxel7 to do the right work!

If you like to know more about our website deal and pricing, please go to the website design packages page.

How Does Custom Ecommerce Development Work?

Some of the components that need to be considered when building a custom ecommerce site are:
Understanding of user intent and flow
Data-based actionable information
Color pallet and site elements
Page layout and structure
Checkout page and shopping cart design
Accessible promotions and discounts
User-friendly page experience

Customer Experience Centered Custom Ecommerce Development Solutions

As the opportunities grow on the internet for selling goods, we see an increase in e-commerce stores, and there is still a huge shortage of professional stores. But, is this mean all online stores can sell? There are many factors that will make or break most ecommerce businesses.

From the payment gateway to the checkout process, we will make sure your online store is user-friendly and provides a great user experience to increase conversion rate. 

Having a user-focused web design will create flawless transactions and an easy-to-use layout that will improve customer experience. As a result, it will increase your conversion rates (CVR) and customer lifetime value while lowering the shopping cart abandonment rate.

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Niche-Based Custom Ecommerce Development Services 

Our custom ecommerce development services are just for you! We are a team of expert developers who specialize in building customized ecommerce websites tailored to your business needs. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible ecommerce solution that will help you grow your online business and increase revenue rapidly.

The Pxel7 team utilizes trusted and most loved CMS platforms such as Wordpress or Shopify depending on the project needs. These platforms are incredibly SEO-friendly and useful if you want to integrate 3rd party applications and systems.

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Our Custom Ecommerce Development Solutions Prioritize Your Business

We understand that every business is unique and has specific requirements. That's why the Pxel7 team crafts a custom ecommerce development solution to create a website that aligns with your company values and goals. It is our priority to understand your business needs and requirements which will help our developers to design a personalized ecommerce solution that is both functional and visually appealing.

Is your site ready for the e-commerce world? The Pxel7 team will design a modern and converting UI with innovative technology and structure. These elements can also affect your Wordpress SEO and load time positively.

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Get Organic Traffic With SEO Friendly Structure

In today's world having an SEO-friendly website is a must! An Ecommerce SEO study even shows that stores can increase from 100 to 2300 monthly visitors! Some of the recent studies also indicate tremendous improvement in the following metrics :

  • Increase in organic traffic
  • Overall year-over-year growth 
  • Boost in sales
  • Impact on brand awareness
  • Increase in customer loyalty

There are more positive benefits to having an SEO-optimized online store that ranks higher on search and image results. 

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Custom Ecommerce Development
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High Conversion Optimized UI/UX Online Stores

Ecommerce web design services focus on building a high-converting website that will capture customers and lead them to check out. Our online shop developer team knows the science behind user behavior and how they navigate through your website pages.

Understanding all the actions visitors may take on a website, gives us the advantage to develop an innovative and data-driven website. Which will sell and sell! If you have a custom WordPress design or niche-based Shopify store, you are on the right path to success! 

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Start selling right away with our user-focused layout.

Built-in Analytics

Check and read your data to build better marketing.
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  • I think Pxel7 is the best local marketing company in Austin! They did an incredible job with my website and SEO we have been getting 20x more leads than last year. Their team super intelligent and very experienced with growing local small businesses. I appreciate all the work they've been doing so far! Thanks

    Jeremy Alaron

  • Pxel7 Media web team really knows what they are doing. They take customer needs to another level. Their response time is on point. Thank you guys for your service

    Petra Lugo

  • Working with pxel7 was amazing! They came highly recommended and they delivered 10 fold. We had no idea what kind of website we wanted for our business. We talked to pxel7 and they listened to our ideas and turned it into an amazing website. They are professional, quick to respond to questions, great to work with and always has your best interest. I highly recommend using pxel7 media!!!!

    Michael Mukuno

  • Best marketing agency in Austin! We have a local service business and have been struggling to bring customers after we hired pxel7 for their wordpress web design services and SEO marketing our sales and phone calls went through the roof I would highly recommend these guys if you are looking a marketing agency that will laser focus on your company and wont treat you like a ATM machine! This is the digital marketing agency! Thanks Pxel7 team.

    Francis CL

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