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Pxel7 is a website design and digital marketing agency out of Austin, TX intending to support local businesses in their pursuit of online exposure. Our goal is to do our work with honesty and 100% transparency. It is very important for us to provide results and solutions to all our clients.


Pxel7 Client Benefits


We modernize our customers. No client is left out-of-date in terms of design, strategy, or functionality.


We communicate. Our support line is 24/7 and team members are always open to suggestions, so you’re never left with unanswered questions.


We are transparent. You will receive clear reporting on our services as we carry them out, and we will assist you in understanding complex analytics dashboards.


We are advanced. As previously stated, our analytics tools will highlight a road map to success and track your progress toward defined goals. Measuring results is key to improvement, after all.

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Why You Should Choose
 Pxel7 Media?

Δ Prompt Delivery

We respond quickly to your inquiries and offer 24/7 support for open communication. Nothing gets past us.

Δ Cost-Effective Service

Our affordable packages are budget-friendly, as we typically target small to medium-sized startups with little capital to work with.

Δ Future-Oriented

Living in the present is great, but thinking about the future is critical in business. Our consultants will make recommendations so that you can reach those long-term online goals quicker than ever before.

Δ Up-to-date strategies

Every day there is a new marketing strategy and keeping the same notion in mind, our strategists come up with ideas that can make your business grow rapidly.


Meet The Team

Our team members offer unique skills to help out with any aspect of your digital marketing efforts. Specialists are assigned to each client to work as an account manager of sorts, so that you understand what we’re doing for your business every step of the way. Check out the knowledge of our core team members:

Giovanni A.

Co-Founder & CEO

Love marketing and constructive discussions. I believe if you work hard enough, you can achieve anything.

Audrey R.

Co-Founder & CEO

Pxel7 was build to be a solution to all local businesses. We can proudly say that we have been achieving that goal in Texas.

Galen J.

Lead Developer

Everybody tells their story in their own way, I use tech languages to tell mine. I am happy to be part of a team like this.

Mike W.

Marketing Director

I have 8 years of marketing experience. My goal is to improve my skills and build new marketing strategies.

Are you ready to start? 

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