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B2B Web Design Agency Utilizes WordPress: But Why?

Why is B2B Web Design Agency structure based on WordPress? WordPress is one of the best CMS (content management systems). But the question is, what makes it great for B2B businesses?

It's a highly flexible platform, you can develop a b2b business site, custom ecommerce website, or even online applications. 

However, for B2b businesses Worpdress offers amazing SEO-friendly structure, scalability, and marketing automation integration, which can help your outreach, build your brand faster, and attract customers. All B2B businesses can leverage Worpdress to drive traffic, leads, and sales.

We work with all B2B industries such as:

Some of the industries we design and develop websites for :

  • Financial services
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Marketing and sales
  • Real estate
  • Food and beverage

B2B Web Design Agency Solutions

B2B web design agency solutions are specialized services that cater to the unique needs of businesses that sell to other businesses. Our solutions will build and maintain professional custom WordPress designs that effectively communicate your brand and value proposition to potential customers while conveying a positive message to prospects.

One of the key advantages of working with our B2B Web Design Agency is the understanding of the complex nature of B2B transactions. We understand that B2B buyers typically have more complex and longer sales cycles than B2C buyers and that they often require more information before making a purchasing decision. As such, Pxel7 Local Marketing Company will design websites that are optimized to provide the information that B2B buyers need, while also being aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.

B2b Web Design AgencyB2b Web Design Agency

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B2B Web Design Agency You Can Trust

Our B2B Web Design Agency has provided amazing results thought out the years. The reason we were able to keep 99% of our customers is because of our work ethic and non-stop drive to help our clients thrive and grow organically. B2B web designs and digital marketing solutions are different than other digital solutions. Most agencies are very foreign to this concept and it could result in low conversion rates, traffic, and high bounce rates. All these types of business websites have to have a development based on data and research. 

For example, our client Atay Trade has 46% conversion rates and obtains 22% of the market share. The site's Ui/UX layout is designed to take the visitors and lead them on a journey in which they get to learn about the company's values, reviews/social proof, and product details. A user-friendly structure and accessible lead contact form do a great job of generating leads and sales. After the development, we also increased their google visibility up to 87% with our Affordable Local Seo Services organically. Pxel7's scientific approach to web development will always drive the desired outcome and results. 

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Our Process

We take our work seriously and want to provide the best web design 
possible for our clients.


At our free consultation, we understand your target audience, marketing goals, and branding vision so we can design the site accordingly. 


Next, the decision part comes in. Our teams will develop a color scheme and layout for your new website to ensure esthetics and drive more traffic.

Custom Layout

Your website layout should be highly converting, pleasant, and industry-related. While considering your brand identity with modernism.


Our developers use HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, and page builders to come up with a B2B Web Design that offers an amazing UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) for your visitors.

At this phase, we install all necessary plugins and certifications like SSL as well as implement current SEO practices to get you to the top of Google’s search results


Once your design has been developed, you will receive all of your website information and credentials. We also offer a 30-minute walk-through with our web specialist.

PXEL7 Can Build Your Custom WordPress Design

Our expert team loves being creative. We tell ourselves daily that, we get to do this, not that we have to! Our love and compassion for this job help us do amazing things.

So if you have a project in mind, let us show you what the Pxel7 team can achieve if the opportunity is given. Contact us at any time.

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  • I think Pxel7 is the best local marketing company in Austin! They did an incredible job with my website and SEO we have been getting 20x more leads than last year. Their team super intelligent and very experienced with growing local small businesses. I appreciate all the work they've been doing so far! Thanks

    Jeremy Alaron

  • Pxel7 Media web team really knows what they are doing. They take customer needs to another level. Their response time is on point. Thank you guys for your service

    Petra Lugo

  • Working with pxel7 was amazing! They came highly recommended and they delivered 10 fold. We had no idea what kind of website we wanted for our business. We talked to pxel7 and they listened to our ideas and turned it into an amazing website. They are professional, quick to respond to questions, great to work with and always has your best interest. I highly recommend using pxel7 media!!!!

    Michael Mukuno

  • Best marketing agency in Austin! We have a local service business and have been struggling to bring customers after we hired pxel7 for their wordpress web design services and SEO marketing our sales and phone calls went through the roof I would highly recommend these guys if you are looking a marketing agency that will laser focus on your company and wont treat you like a ATM machine! This is the digital marketing agency! Thanks Pxel7 team.

    Francis CL

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