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SMM Services: What is it?

SMM Social Media Marketing Services include paid or organic content marketing components.

Pxel7 media SMM services are designed to be affordable, fast, and can reach millions of users. Our social media agency methods centric operation, offering effective posts and advertisements based on a strategic schedule. We have the skills to design new creatives or even brand new social media accounts.

SMM Services Include Paid & Content Marketing

SMM services offer paid or organic content marketing, we utilize one of the options depending on your budget and marketing goals.

Going with the paid option, you will decide on a daily budget and publish necessary creatives to get engagement from your data-gathered targeted audience.

On the other hand, content marketing depends on how creative and engaging your content is for your existing followers on your social media pages. There are similarities between organic content marketing and Local SEO services because they both drive organic results!

Our team offers a FREE consultation that can help you determine which method should be used for your business.


Get To Know You

At our free consultation, we will establish what your goals are as well as review your social media accounts. If you don’t have any social media setup, don’t worry we can help with that too!

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Research & Research

Social media specialists will do extensive competitor research. We will analyze reports to come up with an optimized social media strategy. Once we have a strategy, we will shape your ads or work on creatives and content ideas to start your social media campaign.




Our SMM services team investigates all of your competitor’s social media to find out which posts and ads convert the best. We then implement all the data into your strategy.

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After analyzing the performance of your paid ad campaigns, or organic content over time, we will make adjustments to your social media plan to ensure that you get more impressions and engagements.


Launching Time

After observing your target audience and executing tests, we can run finalized paid ads, or start publishing related content on your social media accounts.

Paid marketing intends to get faster results, however, content marketing will bring free and organic traffic to your business also.

What do our clients say about us?

Pxel7 is amazing! We have increased our page followers and post engagements went up to 95% in 2 months. Probably the best marketing agency we worked with. They are also super affordable. Thanks

Lacey Broughton

We had no social media presence and our company needed a lot of traffic since we had our competitors started getting our customers. After hiring Pxel7 we got our customers back as well as bring new ones in. My wife is doing another business which we also use Pxel7 for our marketing. Highly recommend them!

Morgan Palmer

Our office was struggling to bring in client and get some leads. One of a friend recommended Pxel7 to us and as soon as we called them, their team made us feel like we are in safe hands. These guys are magicians when it comes to marketing and finding the problems in your online presence. We can’t thank them enough.  FYI they are still doing our marketing!

Daniel Sanchez

SMM Services That Work

With Our SMM services, you’ll reach millions of users and have the ability to target demographics down to their interests and hobbies.

Whether you want to utilize paid or content marketing, our team will make certain that you understand all the components of your marketing plan. Every month we will generate reports to enhance the performance of your campaigns.

Let SMM Services Help Your Business Grow