social media marketing services for small businesses

social media marketing services for small businesses

Social Media Marketing Services for Small Businesses : How Doest it Work?

Social media marketing services for small businesses have been a lifesaver for many companies. How is it different than SMM Services?

Pxel7 media hand-crafted a specific social media marketing method that uses location-based social media marketing. It can be quite expensive if you were to target competitive terms in bigger cities. So, we came up with a plan that can help any small businesses to have social media presence and drive traffic from it.

Paid vs Content Marketing

Social media marketing services for small businesses include paid or organic methods. After our Free consultation, we will find out which fits your business best. Let’s dive in!

Paid ads work great for local businesses by targeting certain locations, interests, and other demographics to find people who are most likely to take an action on your advertising.

On the other hand, content marketing works like Local SEO services because they both drive organic results! But it focuses on different elements.

Content marketing is free and can get traffic and create brand awareness. But the only con is that you need to have a pretty good amount of “page likes” and followers. So what happens if you don’t have any?

Well, this is where we do hybrid marketing. Our team will run short paid ads to get followers who will engage with your business. Once we have some followers, then we can start the content marketing which makes our new followers share, like, and comment on our posts.


Get To Know You

At our initial talk, we will get to know your goals, company, and other aspects. At this phase, if you don’t have any accounts we will build them for you.

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Research Time

Pxel7 team will do detailed research and develop reports to come up with an optimized social media game plan. We’ll configure your ad’s objectives or if your focus is content marketing then we will work on the main content idea and creativity content.


Check Insights

Our social media experts analyze multiple campaigns to assess what kind of ads or posts create more conversion. Then, we integrate all the findings into your campaign.

We install Facebook tracking codes to your WordPress design, or the CMS you use, to see progress.

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Optimize Findings

After analyzing the data we run test ads and content to see if we are on the right path with our marketing! Paid ads can also guide content marketing efforts.


Launching Time

We are ready to roll! Your paid ads are now up and running. Our social media specialists are closely watching and tweaking to ensure the best performance out of paid ads or organic content.

What do our clients say about us?

Pxel7 is amazing! We have increased our page followers and post engagements went up to 95% in 2 months. Probably the best marketing agency we worked with. They are also super affordable. Thanks

Lacey Broughton

We had no social media presence and our company needed a lot of traffic since we had our competitors started getting our customers. After hiring Pxel7 we got our customers back as well as bring new ones in. My wife is doing another business which we also use Pxel7 for our marketing. Highly recommend them!

Morgan Palmer

Our office was struggling to bring in client and get some leads. One of a friend recommended Pxel7 to us and as soon as we called them, their team made us feel like we are in safe hands. These guys are magicians when it comes to marketing and finding the problems in your online presence. We can’t thank them enough.  FYI they are still doing our marketing!

Daniel Sanchez

Social Media Marketing Services For Small Businesses Is Way To Go!

Many companies are not even aware of social media marketing services for small businesses. Therefore, they get frustrated with the expenses that come with it. But here at Pxel7, we offer the most affordable rates and solutions.

Whether you want to utilize paid or content marketing, our team will make sure that your well-earned funds go into advertising that will bring positive results and large ROI.

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