Our Project

Fashion eCommerce stores require to follow a strict CTA button and conversion based layout! Since store’s purpose to make sales we had to focus on the products and data-based layout elements as well. This store doubled their sales and surpass their competitors.

The layout design is based on the client’s needs and marketing goals.


We decided on a black & white color theme since it is a fashion store,.The client wanted an elegant and classic looking web store design and we delivered it!


At this phase, we decided to create a high fashion eCommerce store. Our team and the client decided on Shopify to be used for this project. Shopify websites are very user friendly at the same time easy to navigate around the dashboard.


In this phase, communication between us and the client is crucial to ensure that the final web design will provide a highly functional web store. We received all the photos as well as the bullet points for the product page. Our team created a product layout, collection page and GTA buttons to increase the store’s conversion rates. This store is doing amazing and they just started selling in other counties as well..