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Our fashion web design agency follows a strict CTA button and conversion-based layout! Since the store’s purpose is to make sales we have to focus on the products and data-based layout elements as well. 

Fashion Web Design Agency Benefits

When our fashion web design agency developers design and develop a fashion informative or e-commerce website, there are a couple of components we need to consider.

Such as what CSM clients want to use? Is it better to go with Shopify or woocommerce? We focus on building a site considering what your sales and marketing goals are!

You will be delivered a beautiful yet highly custom website that specifically targets what you need.

Most fashion web design agency designers use basic and boring themes that has no conversion based layout understanding! We do things differently, our team will do detailed research to find out exactly who is your target audience and how they behave on other fashion websites or what they want. All these metrics help us build a website that will convert visitors into paying customers.

Pxel7 Media Fashion Web Design Agency has built many fashion brand websites and they were all fun and educating projects, so we can implement what we already know on your site to make it successful.

fashion web design agency

Pxel7 Fashion Web Design Agency Project Details

Since it was a website mainly focused on selling women’s clothing, we had to come up with a layout that complements the logo and the products.

Our fashion web design agency team combines many design elements together and builds one theme that reflects the brand aspects and conveys the company’s message across.

The main fonts used in this project are:

Bebas Neue & Libre Baskerville

The color pallet was: 

#e91e63 & #212121


We decided on the color pallet since it is a fashion store we had to be careful with the color balance. The client wanted an elegant and classic-looking web store design and layout.


At this phase, we decided to create a fast fashion-like eCommerce store. Our team and the client decided on Shopify to be used for this project. Shopify is user-friendly CMS for store owners to navigate around and check their daily sales, shipping, and reports.


In this phase, communication between us and the client is crucial to ensure that the final web design will provide a highly functional web store. We received all the photos as well as the bullet points for the product page. Our team created a product layout, shop page, and GTA buttons to increase the store’s conversion rates.

-This store is doing amazing and they just started selling in other counties as well…

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