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Illume Color Studio was one of the art gallery website design we had so much fun with. The client requested to have a product-centered design, which focused on purely conversions and selling.

Art Gallery Website Design Challenges

Illume wanted to have a layout that would balance traditional art and digital art. However, mixing those two schools of thought is like mixing two opposite mediums together. It can either break or overpower.

Therefore, our team was challenged to find harmony with elements, colors, and images. After several discussions, we decided to go with a very simple yet visually effective layout with colors against sophisticated black.


Design Colors & Fonts

Orange: #e08700

Black: #1d2327

Purple: #6d4ced

Turquoise: #88dbbc

Titles: Poppins 

Sub-titles & Body: Montserrat 

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Art gallery website design projects usually require a lot of colors. However, on this one, we had to stick with main colors such as black, purple, orange, and turquoise. The orange color had to be used because the client had it in the logo. Less is more and harmony is a must. 


After all, this is an ecommerce site that sells artwork, we had to make sure the layout always keeps the visitors focused on the products and creativity of the website. 

Our team used woocommerce CMS to build this site and all major payment gateways had to be integrated and tested. 



Since the main goal was to lead visitors to the shop page we had to use our CTAs (call to actions) buttons carefully and develop all the other components around them. 

When selling art, the website has to offer trustworthiness, credibility, a variety of art, and great communication for buyers! 

Illume Color Studio did amazing in the first quarter by selling out most of the artist’s paintings. Currently, they are working 24/7 to produce more artwork to supply the demand.

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