Affordable Local SEO Services vs WordPress SEO Services

Affordable Local SEO Services vs WordPress SEO Services

Most small businesses that need digital marketing want to know the difference between local SEO and WordPress SEO. Let’s get to it! If you have a small business, you know the feeling of how important it is to bring more local customers in. Affordable local seo services can help you reach your potential customers and boost the site to rank higher on google and other search engines. 

SEO is also a long-term solution for many businesses who want to build that authority on the internet and keep marketing costs low! However, it is complex work that includes many ranking factors such as domain authority, backlinks, crawling, metadata, page optimization, keyword research, and link building. As a client, you don’t have to know all of this, but it’s good to understand them. Because your local SEO company should follow White hat practices and Google Quality Guidelines! Otherwise, it may affect your rankings, or worse you might get a penalty from google.

Before we get into that Local SEO vs WordPress SEO services, let's talk about what search engine optimization is.

Summary Of SEO

Search engine optimization, aka SEO, is the process of improving website pages to get more traffic while increasing online presence. Your website's ranking depends on specific keywords that are being used to optimize website content, meta description, title, and alt tags of your images. As a result, your website will get organic traffic on search engine pages also known as, SERP.

There are some tools out there that you can do an SEO audit on your website. This allows you to see your local listings and business listings. One of the most important aspects of SEO is building the right SEO strategy for your company. Some local businesses attempt to do their SEO and in the process, they may waste time and money and confuse the algorithm. Therefore, affordable local SEO services become something local businesses should look for!

There are agencies such as Pxel7 Media that offer affordable SEO packages to assist small businesses to increase local exposure, sales, and traffic. Now, let’s talk about the main topic, Affordable local seo services vs wordpress seo services.

Affordable local SEO services

Ultimately, local SEO makes you show up on local listings and search results. One of the main components that will help to optimize and increase rankings in local search results is Google my business, aka GMB. Along with your website SEM, (search engine marketing), you will be able to show up on local business listings that appear for local-intent searches such as ” AC repair near me ” or ” sushi restaurant in …. ” this is pretty much what local SEO can do for your local business.

WordPress SEO services

Now, here is a tricky topic. Because there are a lot of local businesses utilizing WordPress as their CMS, (content management system), and essentially there are no differences between local or WordPress SEO. They are both used by local companies. 

While there is a big difference if your business is an e-commerce store and if you are using WordPress. Everything changes using SEO for e-commerce stores. It is different than local businesses.

There is a different SEO strategy that digital marketing agencies will follow. However, we can combine on-page and off-page SEO. This process becomes more complex and requires different approaches to website link building, keyword research, and algorithm.

How to find affordable local SEO services?

Well, it is not that complicated to find one. Here are some criteria you should follow.

  1. Are they credible?
  2. Do they have case studies?
  3. Are there any client testimonials who are also local businesses?
  4. Can they show some examples?
  5. How affordable are they?

Always ask for a testimonial video that clearly shows the local companies that the agency works with and how happy they are. Also, it’s ok to ask the agency to provide references in case you don’t feel comfortable just yet!

Local businesses are the foundation of our living! Without those businesses, things would become more inconvenient for all. Therefore, we must support and help them grow their businesses. Pxel7 Media is a local agency that only handles minimal clients at a time. The reason we keep such a small clientele, we want to be able to laser focus on your campaign. Pxel7 Media will never put your marketing on an automated system. Search engine rules change very often and we keep up with the latest SEO algorithms. SEO needs attention to detail as well as manual work.

We would love to help grow your business. Please contact us at any time.