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Pragma Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Website Design Overview

Pragma Brazilian Jiu Jitsu website design is one of the projects we had the most fun with. However, when building a custom WordPress design that needs to cater to both adults and kids can be quite challenging. In this project, we needed to develop a website that is to be both tranquillity and active. Most potential prospects looking for a reliable place to train or have their kids be part of. Therefore, it's crucial to convey that message to the visitors and lead them to take the desired action.

First of all, our expert artist Ramon came up with a color pallet that states both action and calmness thought out the website. We used red/burgundy color CTA button to stand out from the rest of the components and incorporated a user-friendly UI/UX  and specific texture that represents Jiu-Jitsu mats. In addition, our client also mentioned that they want to do Custom Ecommerce Development on the site in the future. That is to say, we need to build the site in a way that can also support online store functionalities. A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu website design has to be educative and easy to navigate without too many CTAs and menu items.

Website Design Achievements

In this Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Website Design, our goal is to convert all local visitors who are ready to signup and potentially interested in the Jiu Jitsu classes.

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website leads
Boost in 
website traffic

SEO Achievements

By utilizing our Affordable Local SEO Services, we were able to increase signups, leads, and free trials. Here are the results in 3 months!

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Result-Driven Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Website Design 

Our team included reviews, images, and educative content that made this Brazilian Jiu Jitsu website design convert like a machine. We knew that most of the locals had certain questions and concerns. Therefore, we wanted to build a website that addresses all the questions and concerns within the content to have high website conversions.

Pxel7 dev and analytics team always examines and analyzes the proximity of competitors to design a result-focused web design! Our website design packages offer strategic development and everything you need for your website.

brazilian jiu jitsu website design

Essentials That Made This Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Website Design Successful

Jitu Jitsu school websites are super fun to build but we always need to make sure that this is a business and needs to convert prospects into paying customers. Especially, local clientele who are very specific when deciding on local services and products. Here are some of the factors we believe that made this project successful;


Mobile-responsive: According to our previous experiences with other martial arts schools, we knew that having a mobile-first website is a must since 76% of the traffic comes from mobile devices. 


Simple navigation: Keeping the number of items on the navigations helps the user journey and avoid frustrations and bounce rate of the website.


Quality images: Displaying school achievements and students enjoying the classes is really important for the conversions of the website. That's why we used plenty of it as much as we can.


Call-to-action (CTA) buttons: Red/burgundy CTA really stands out from the rest, and offering free trials really makes a big difference in the success. 


Testimonials and reviews: Don't get shy about displaying your reviews! They can only encourage visitors to take action on your site! That's exactly what we did on this Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Website Design.


SEO-friendly content: Yes, your content has to be optimized with relevant keywords and phrases! Full-stack SEO work is a must such as metas, and URL structure. silo, technical SEO all should be handled carefully. Our team did an amazing job with it.


Secure website:  Having a secure website will help your visitors trust your site and feel safe to interact with your business. Always avoid leading visitors to external spammy advertising sites or pages.


Fast loading times: Visitors will not wait for the site to load, this could hurt your SEO as well as website conversions and credibility. Stay away from slow CMS and site builders that can increase load time!

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