therapist website design Project

Therapist website design is one of the delicate websites you could ever build! Shaping Pathways Helping kids with Behavior Analysis and offers wide guidance.

Therapist Website Design Challenges

Building a therapist website design can be quite challenging. However, we have done many projects that involve behavioral and educational services for children and adults. Therefore, we have a pretty good understanding of what needs to be done.

In this particular project, we focused on a happy and colorful layout that gives positive vibes and feelings.

UI And UX Design Details

The color pallet was already developed. All we needed to do is bring the color and layout elements together and make them work harmoniously.

We know that just throwing in a couple of images wouldn’t do it. Our team wanted to build something that is more kids friendly. Therefore we decided to build a custom WordPress design with an SVG-CSS animated layout that offers many fun and natural landscape elements.

One of the things that make Pxel7 unique is that we want to be innovative and creative with our website layouts.


Color Pallet:

therapist website design

Heading Font: Fredoka One

Body Font: Open Sans


The color pallet was picked by the client, and they already had an amazing logo design, which helped us to shape the site.


For websites that deal with human health, we need to be extra gentle with the layout and color pallet. Fortunately, our client already had an idea and gave us 100% freedom to work with. Animation websites can take a lot of dedicated time but end results are usually pretty awesome. 


Our team developed a one-page layout, which has a super clean and simple feel to it. CTA ( call to action buttons ) guides to the user to the final destination, which is the contact form to collect the lead. I think this project was one of the projects we genuinely enjoyed a lot.

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