Martial Arts Web design Project

Martial arts website company Pxel7 developed this beautiful project for Hutto BJJ Coach. They offer a variety of combat sports in Hutto, Texas. The website is supposed to look active and sharp.

Pxel7 Martial Arts Website Company Can Do It

Pxel7 is a martial arts website company that offers unique and customer needs-centered web designs. Therefore, we need to make sure all our work has outstanding quality and creativity. Like this project, we analyze and understand certain metrics in order to develop a data-driven website layout.

It means; we need to make sure that the website converts users to sign up for martial arts classes. Which is the main objective for any martial art school whether it’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Taekwondo, Karate, or self-defense academy. The goal is always the same! More students to sign up.

As a martial arts website company, we always have to consider the outcome that business owner requires.

martial arts website company


The client already had a color pallet in mind, which made our job a lot easier. Most color pallets for martial arts schools should be active and young.


This website is about combat sports, therefore we needed something that can reflect a sharp and abrasive look without being scary. We also had to take into consideration that the site layout has to be family-friendly.


The development team decided to go with a very sharp layout with image segments that explains the classes and educates martial art forms to visitors. After all the client was very happy with the results. 

This business increased its exposure and traffic by 65%. We are working on building more advanced functionality for the website. 

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