Christian Web Design Project

Christian Web Design projects are very important for us. Because it reflects who we are as Pxel7 media. Faith based websites are fun to build but also they can be quite challenging. 

Christian Web Design Company Challenges

Christian Website layouts can be difficult, because of the color pallet and the message that the client wants to convey to the public. Our team can build any faith-based websites whether it’d be Catholic, Christian, Baptist, Lutheran and etc.

We use either stock images or professional photos taken by the organization. Most of our website design packages also include Free logo and color pallet development. If you don’t have any of those, no worries we got you covered.

Pxel7 offers every single component you may need for your project. We can also write your website’s content and all the creative text. Your organization will also receive a 30-min walk-through with one of our web specialists to explain and hand out all the information you need to know about your site.

christian web design

Catholic Web Design vs Christian

When it comes to catholic web design or Christian, Pxel7 Media focuses on building specific UI and UX layouts that will convey the organization’s message and ideas.

Our team will ask questions and understand the goal of the website, then start building a website that offers visitors pleasant and easy navigation across all the pages. We usually utilize WordPress as the content management system for most of these projects.

Christian Web Design


The client already picks a color scheme or we put together a color pallet for them. We also build the design around the logo. But most Christian organizations don’t have a logo.


Christian or Catholic web design layout should include quality images from the organization and easy navigation for 55+ age visitors.


Our team starts developing the site according to what the client wants to see. Churches and schools will require different types of functionalities.

At this phase, we implement all the necessary back-end stuff as well as security layers.

Faith Based Websites Our Specialty!