Our Digital Marketing  Services in Round Rock

Every project is a new excitement.

We offer various web and digital marketing services in Round Rock TX. Our solutions cater to all businesses that are local and in need of exposure and traffic. Below you can find all the services we are offering in Round Rock TX. We welcome all new and established businesses to take advantage of our services. Our focus is to use laser targeting with one of our marketing services that fit your business goal and enterprise. The Pxel7 team has many different marketing strategies that are used for each particular business model.

Web Design / Development

Websites are the central segment of any company’s online presence, and the layout of your website has to reflect your business as well as convert visitors into paying customers. Our Austin team specialized in custom e-commerce, small business enterprise, and service websites. We also focus on the CBL (conversion-based layout ) which is a strategy to guide and convince visitors to take action on ( CTA ) buttons to contact the business or purchase a product/service.

GMB & SEO Marketing

A strong SEO implementation on your website as well as GMB ( google my business account ) can help you rank higher in local business searches on google, checking competitors and their strategy is a must. Your GMB page can increase your local business’s traffic and sales by up to 78%. We can optimize your whole website and GMB page based on a database and implement related keywords on segments of your page after analyzing business reports. 

Logo & Social Media Graphics

As we all know a logo is the face of a company. it’s usually the first thing that a potential client will notice about your company. A logo is much more than just an illustration; it is a point of identification for consumers and a solid foundation for the branding of your company. These days customers make a decision about a company within seconds. A well-made logo is a straightforward way to convince potential customers.

Social Media Ads

Social Media advertisements are crucial for businesses because you can target and influence specific demographics. Facebook claims that they have 89% accuracy when it comes to micro-targeted campaigns. A business could target a new audience or an audience based on existing data, location, interests, and behaviors. These ads can also be great for a local business that is suffering from low foot traffic or regional exposure.