7 Free Ways To Find Customers And Increase Sales

How to find new customers and increase sales

How to find new customers and increase sales? There are many ways to improve your sales and traffic. Small businesses face this question every day " how to find new customers and increase sales"  we know that, these days the digital world is your best friend if you want to find more clients and make more sales.

Before we dive into explaining all the ways. Let's talk about what are the common issues small businesses face with?

4 Common Challenges

  1. Finding new customers
  2. Getting exposure locally
  3. Customer Loyalty
  4. Not having enough time

Finding New Customers

Finding New Customers can be challenging, however, it is the main core of your business and without them, you are in trouble.

Let's talk about the few ways you can increase the number of new customers and sales.

Do you have a google my business account?

If the answer is no, then you have some work to do. GMB (google my business) is a free tool for you to be found on google search and map results by your possible clients.

Every time someone searches for a product or service that is related to your business, then GMB will generate your company's profile on the Google search engine results. Also with google my business you can collect reviews, post updates, offer directions, and include contact information.

GMB is undervalued but the most important factor is to get new clients, therefore increase sales. A lot of Digital Marketing Agency use this method to increase in-store and online traffic for their clients

75% of customers want to see a website!

Your website is the face of the company and can also help you find new prospects and help increase online sales. Also having a website can boost your credibility as a company.

Let's say you have a local auto repair store and someone desperately needs a repair next thing in the morning. What they are going to do is, do a search on google " auto repair store near me " then your website shows up! Boom this prospect can learn more about your company and even send a message or even convert into paying customer.

You might say "I don't know anything about web design". But google my business also offers a simple web design for free. Let me tell you this, it won't be like if a web design agency designed it for you. However, google my business website builder is pretty easy to use and gets the job done.

Getting Exposure Locally

I will keep this short since all the things mentioned above will help you get more exposure locally. But one I haven't mentioned yet...🥁🥁🥁 here it comes:

Power of social media

Social media is the key to reach out to local customers by increasing your local exposure.


If you don't have a budget to work with social media agency then you might want to learn a few tricks about Facebook.

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4 Easy Steps

1-First of all, get a Facebook business page and then request all your family and friends to like and share your page. Even if you don't have a lot of people on your Facebook, it's better than 0!

2-Start following local city pages and groups on Facebook. you can click this link to learn how to find local groups and pages on Facebook.

3-Join those groups and pages, and ask page admins if it is ok to promote your local business on their pages. Most likely they will say yes. Because they love to get information about local businesses around them.

4-Once you get permission from page admins, use Canva to make a appealing Facebook post, then start sharing it on those pages. It's that easy. You will see how many locals didn't know about your business and now they are ready to engage with your business.

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is a continuing professional relationship between a customer and your business. Repeat business is probably one of the most important aspects of your business. If you can have your customers purchase your service or product often, you are golden. This will affect your overall sales, loyalty, marketing spend, and credibility.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a metric for your businesses to understand the value of a long-term relationship. This can get more technical for some of you, so I will let you decide to learn more about it or not.

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Here are some of the ways to increase customer loyalty:

1-Reward your customers: you can sign up for customer reward programs and give points to keep your customers coming back. People love points, freebies, and all that. Here are some of the reward companies you can pick from. Customer reward programs for local businesses.

2-Ask for referrals from your customers, you can use social media to get them interested or start a email campaign to let them know about your referral program. Keep that in mind referral still is the best marketing method that has the highest ROI (return of investment).

3-Keep your business honest and transparent about your product or service. A happy customer is a bar of gold. Why? They can do your marketing for you. Not only do they keep coming back to you, but they can also bring family members and friends to your business.

Not having enough time

Most business owners do all! What I mean by that, they are the customer service, salesman, marketing agency, manager, social media specialist, and more. All that putting a lot of weight on your shoulder, you also have to be the most important asset in your business, what's that? A business owner! There is only so much in a day you can do. However, it is understood that business has expenses and you need to take care of all that so, you can save money to afford what the business needs right?

Well, it is not that easy. All the tricks and improvements we talked about so far come with consequences. You may use all your time for these improvements, but how do you know if you did a good job or not? You could use your valuable time to be the most important asset your business needs, which is to be the leader.

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